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Species: Hu
Applications: RNAi, RNAi SP


Microtubules are cylindrical tubes of 20-25 nm in diameter. They are composed of protofilaments which are in turncomposed of alpha- and beta-tubulin polymers. Each microtubule is polarized, at one end alpha-subunits are exposed (-)and at the other beta-subunits are exposed (+). Microtubules act as a scaffold to determine cell shape, and provide abackbone for cell organelles and vesicles to move on, a process that requires motor proteins. The major microtubulemotor proteins are kinesin, which generally moves towards the (+) end of the microtubule, and dynein, which generallymoves towards the (-) end. Microtubules also form the spindle fibers for separating chromosomes during mitosis.


Entrez Human
Product By Gene ID 80086
Alternate Names
  • putative tubulin-like protein alpha-4B
  • TUBA4
  • tubulin, alpha 4b (pseudogene)

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Protein Phosphatase

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