Lightning-Link Type B Biotin Products


Why Lightning-Link® Biotin?

The attachment of biotin to biomolecules is an important laboratory technique. Biotin binds to the tetrameric avidin proteins, including streptavidin and neutravidin, with exceptionally high affinity, and this interaction is exploited in various applications such as western blotting, immunohisthochemistry and ELISA.

Our biotinylation kits are optimised to create high quality conjugates and minimise assay background. There is also no need for a wash or desalting step following the biotinylation reaction, saving you both time and material.

Lightning-Link® Biotin has been optimised for two separate applications:

Type A - intended for assays in which a streptavidin-labeled detection reagent will be used,
Type B - optimised for assays in which the biotinylated protein is captured by streptavidin immobilized on a surface (ie plates, nitrocellulose, magnetic beads etc).