Lightning-Link Atto680 Products


Easy Atto680 labeling of your antibody with 30 seconds hands-on time. Atto680 is one of a new generation of fluorescent labels. It has a strong absorption at 670nm, high fluorescence at 710nm (extinction coefficient 1.25 x105 cm^-1M^-1). It also has a good stokes shift and high quantum yield.

The Lightning-Link conjugation system represents a quantum leap forward in conjugation technology. It allows you to make antibody conjugates with minimal hands-on time less than 30 seconds. Lightning-Link simplifies immunoassay techniques, such as western blotting, ELISA and immunohistochemistry, by eliminating secondary reagents and cutting the number of incubation and wash steps.

Despite its simplicity, Lightning-Link is a very sophisticated conjugation system in which the antibody is directionally coupled to the label (and not to itself) in a controlled fashion, creating high quality conjugates.

As the procedure is not interrupted by desalting steps, trial conjugates can be prepared with microgram quantities of protein and then scaled up with ease. Lightning-Link eliminates problems associated with scale up; hands-on time is essentially independent of process scale. Consistency from batch to batch is easy to achieve, and recoveries approach 100%.