Immunoglobulin light chain Products

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Species: Rt
Applications: ELISA, IP
Host: Mouse Monoclonal


Secreted immunoglobulins (Ig) have two separable functions: one is to bind specifically to pathogenic molecules, the other is to recruit cells and molecules to destroy the opsonized pathogen.


Alternate Names
  • HCAK 1
  • MGC88809
  • MGC88771
  • MGC88770
  • MGC72072
  • MGC62011
  • MGC111575
  • Km
  • Kappa 1 immunoglobulin light chain
  • Immunoglobulin kappa light chain
  • Immunoglobulin kappa constant region
  • Immunoglobulin kappa constant
  • IGKC
  • Ig kappa chain C region
  • HCAK1