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HNF-1 (alpha and beta), HNF-3 (alpha, beta and gamma), HNF-4 (alpha and gamma), and HNF-6 compose, in part, a homoeprotein family designated the Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor family. The various HNF-1 isoforms regulate transcription of genes in the liver as well as in other tissues such as kidney, small intestine and thymus. HNF-3alpha, HNF-3beta and HNF-3gamma regulate the transcription of numerous hepatocyte genes in adult liver. HNF-3alpha and HNF-3beta have also been shown to be involved in gastrulation events such as body axis formation. HNF-4alpha and HNF-4gamma have been shown to be important for early embryo development. HNF-4alpha is expressed in liver, kidney, pancreas, small intestine, testis and colon; and HNF-4gamma is expressed in each of these tissues except liver. HNF-6 has been shown to bind to the promoter of HNF-3beta, which indicates a potential role of HNF-6 in gut endoderm epithelial cell differentiation. Evidence suggests that HNF-6 may also be a transriptional activator for at least 22 other hepatocyte-enriched genes, including cytochrome P450 2C13 and alpha-1 antitrypsin.


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 3172
Alternate Names
  • transcription factor-14
  • FLJ39654
  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha
  • MODY1
  • hepatic nuclear factor 4 alpha
  • TCF-14
  • TCF
  • HNF-4-alpha
  • NR2A21
  • Transcription factor HNF-4
  • MODY
  • Transcription factor 14
  • HNF4alpha10/11/12
  • Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group A member 1
  • TCF14HNF4alpha
  • NR2A1HNF4a9
  • HNF4HNF4a8
  • HNF4a7
  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha

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