Rewards Program Details

Novus Rewards aims to incentivize customers for their business and to create a fun online purchasing environment that rewards you for your loyalty. You receive your first points for registering for an online account. After you create your account, you will receive additional points for purchasing products on, submitting reviews, and additional products for including an image with your review.

Novus Rewards Program participants will receive points for purchasing any product via our online purchasing system. Offline Novus Rewards are in the works, so stay tuned! Below is the reward points structure:

  • Purchase 1 regular product: 100 points
  • Purchase 1 new product: 150 points
  • Purchase 3+ products: 200 additional points

Submitting Reviews
In addition to receiving rewards points for purchases, customers can earn points for submitting reviews on products they have used in their research. Participants will earn 100 points for submitting a review for a species and/or application that has already been tested. Submit a review on an untested species and/or application and receive 500 points!

Submitting Images
We believe that images are an essential aspect of a well tested product’s datasheet. We encourage customers to always submit an image with their product reviews. By including an image of your experimental results, you will receive 300 points in addition to the points your earned for sutmitting the review. For example, submit a review for an application that has not been tested and you will receive 500 points. If you include an image of your results, you will earn an additional 300 points, totaling 800 points!