Precipitor System Announced by Novus Biologicals

Novus Biologicals announced today a new automated device for high throughput immunoprecipitation and protein purification.

The Precipitorâ„¢ system is a magnetic bead platform that automates multiple steps for high-throughput precipitation and purification of proteins. This device uses 96 well plates and affinity conjugated magnetic beads to simultaneously handle up to 16 unique assays, while the integrated onscreen display allows easy manipulation of parameters tailored specifically to your individual experiment. Therefore, the Precipitorâ„¢ simplifies a traditionally labor intensive process, and addresses the needs of rigorous proteomic screening and biomarker discovery applications such as immunoprecipitation (IP, ChIP, RIP), recombinant protein purification, and protein-protein interaction studies. Additionally, the Precipitorâ„¢ provides consistent and reproducible results by eliminating the common drawbacks of traditional manual operation.

Novus Lab Director Dr. Eric Neeley has used the Precipitor™ repeatedly in our lab, and explained that “In addition to saving me time, the magnetic bead technology generates far greater specificity and less background than agarose, all while using a smaller amount of antibody per assay.”

Novus Biologicals offers an extensive catalog of antibodies for use in immunoprecipitation.  For more information on the Precipitorâ„¢ or to set up an online demo, please contact us by calling 303-730-1950, or by email at

About Novus Biologicals (

Novus Biologicals is a biotechnology company whose mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by developing and marketing unique products in the forefront of science.  Novus Biologicals provides primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, conjugated antibodies, proteins, peptides, isotype and loading controls, RNAi, lysates, stem cell lines and antibody labeling kits to the bioscience community.  All of Novus' products are 100% guaranteed to work in the species and applications listed on the datasheet.  By serving niche and emerging markets, Novus Biologicals has formed and will continue to form ongoing partnerships with leading researchers.

About the Manufacturer, Abnova (

Abnova is the world's largest antibody manufacturer, whose goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in the human genome. They manufacture all products, recombinant proteins and antibodies in state-of-the-art production and SPF animal facilities. Abnova’s mission is to become a leader in high throughput antibody/protein production, and to become the world's largest antibody/protein catalog company targeting the human genome. Abnova has also recently developed the Precipitor™ platform for automated multi-step, high-throughput precipitation assays.


Release Date: 
Monday, February 28, 2011 - 07:00