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JMJD1A encodes a zinc finger protein that contains a jumonji domain.


  • Entrez
  • Uniprot
  • Product By Gene ID55818
  • Alternate Names
    • lysine (K)-specific demethylase 3A
    • JMJD1
    • KIAA0742DKFZp686A24246
    • TSGADKFZp686P07111
    • jumonji C domain-containing histone demethylase 2A
    • jumonji domain containing 1
    • lysine-specific demethylase 3A
    • jumonji domain containing 1A
    • testis-specific protein A
    • JmjC domain-containing histone demethylation protein 2A
    • EC 1.14.11.-
    • Jumonji domain-containing protein 1A
    • EC 1.14.11

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