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Organelle marker antibodies are an important tool in biological research. For exploring or confirming the subcellular localization of a protein of interest, studies require co-localization assays with known organelle specific markers. Furthermore, the subcellular location of a protein helps in determining the biological function of that protein or organelle involved in normal and/or disease state.

Novus Biologicals offers extensively validated high quality antibodies for various organelle markers, and many of these products are cited in publications from top-notch biomedical research journals.

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Over 1,000 Simple Western Certified Antibodies

Simple Western certified antibodies are some of the most rigorously validated...

Antibodies for Hypoxia Signaling

Research in cellular response to hypoxia started about two decades ago with the discovery of hypoxia-inducible factor /HIF-1 transcription factor, and hypoxia now is one of the most rapidly growing biomedical research sub-disciplines. Hypoxia is known to involve in several biological processes including angiogenesis, cellular survival/proliferation, metabolism, erythropoiesis, invasion/metastasis, pH regulation, multidrug resistance, stemness etc., however, it is not unrealistic to hypothesize that its implications are well beyond the current realm of scientific knowledge.   


Cellular as well as structural markers make the backbone of neuroscience experiments and Novus Biologicals scientists take the pride of developing /commercializing high quality antibodies to various neuroscience markers. Majority of our antibodies are cited in multiple publications and are established gold standards in neuroscience research. Novus antibodies for neuroscience markers are useful for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, and some of their key features are:

  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity
  • Validated in multiple assays and species
  • Available on fluorochrome conjugated formats also
Neurological disorders and diseases affect
millions of people annually all over the world.
They contribute significantly to the pool of deaths caused through non-infectious diseases and also result in a significantly lowered quality of life with increased financial burden. A complete understanding of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of these conditions is essential for research targeting development of effective preventive and therapeutic measures. Antibodies useful for qualitative and uantitative immunoassays are the key to basic as well as clinical neurology and many landmark discoveries have been made in this field in the past few years.